SYNOPSIS: University students eagerly await the new sports center promised by the student body. The student body decides to build the structure in the lot that houses an old water tower. Conflict arises when Davis residents discover that the same tower they are trying to preserve as a historical landmark is to be demolished. But neither parties would ever suspect the tower to take actions of its own...

                        (quicktime 7 required)
-------------------------Full Short (20 minutes)-------------------------
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Visual Effects Shots

Script: Current Draft
Scenes to be shot together
Cast of Characters
Scene List

Current Project Crew/Cast:

Directed by Lok Hwa and Matthew Brewbaker
Directors of Photography: Jeffery Wang, Gordon Wang
Visual Effects by Lok Hwa
Sound Booming by: Marty Martino, Brandie Samaripa, Steven Fook Yuan Wong, Andrew Cholerton, Julie Chow
Grips: Kyle Reinholm, Jose Avila
Script Supervisors: Christopher S. Co, Polly Stephenson
DCTV Studio Director: Mike Lee
Casting Director: Julie Chow

Andrews – Tony Whittaker
Jenny - Robyn Stephenson
Dad - Tim Stephenson
Jake – John Dale
Tommy – Paul Burke
Fred – David Cantrell
Anchor – Priscilla Luong
Todd – Nick Birren
Cindy – Julie Chow
Secretary – Rosa Threlfall
Frank – Daniel Finlayson
Bob – Adam Burgett
Shirley – Aysha Dinius
Jeremy – Luke Maulding
Steven the sign man – Tony Bernadin
Quietman – Steven Fook Yuan Wong
Resident Protestor 1 – Paul Lanzi
Resident Protestor 2 – Marty Martino
Student Interviewee – Lok Hwa
Photography Student – Andrew Cholerton
Cameraman – Mike Lee
Man-in-black – Jon Dixon
Library kid - Ryan Moore
Mildred – Lysa Nelson

Jose Avila
Eric Sunalp
Brandie Samaripa
Kyle Reinholm
Meng Wei
Kenji Yamada
David DeBruler
Khulani Malone
Anddy Archer
Bonnie Ko
Emily Gan
Garrett Carlin Toy
Stephen Prouty
William Novetra
Duncan McFarland
David Chiu
Adam Sartain
Jonathan McPherson
Runzhen Huang
Ben Gregorski
Christopher S. Co
Hiroshi Akiba
Kimi Ko
Andrew (The Great) Martinson

Special Thanks:
Bogey’s Books
Alden Chew
Dave Rajan
Melinda Day and the UC Davis Engineering Department
Jennifer Odama
Brett Wilson
Ace Hardware
Mike Lee and the Davis Community Television Network
Robert Glassburner

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